DJ Services

All of our equipment is top of the line and is designed for professional use.  When you dj weddings, parties, etc. every weekend you want to make sure your equipment is very dependable and not going to let you down.  I keep all of the equipment in professionally made boxes, covers, and bags to protect them and keep everything looking brand new.  This ensures the equipment is trouble free for years and always looks great.

I always provide a very clean set-up.  The cords are all taped down and covered so no one will trip on them.  This provides a very professional look to all of your guests.

I am the only DJ with Sizzlin' Sounds, I dress professionally and it is usually no less than a suit and tie - depending on the dress code of the function.

As you can see, everything in my company is professional from the equipment to the look of the DJ.

My number one priority is to provide great music and a great atmosphere so all the guests are on the dance floor and having fun.

I will take over the MCing (at no extra cost) after the speeches are done so that your MC can relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.